T-Splines Founders next project, U-Splines!

Good to see Matt Sederberg isn’t sitting on his laurels.


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OK, so now I’m totally over T-splines. Bring on the U-Splines…:blush:

Quote from the inteview link:

"Matt, there has been a strong trend in automotive design for several years to move away from traditional NURBS modeling and towards more flexible, form-finding technologies like subds, T-splines, and polygons. This cuts a significant amount of the modeling time during the initial form exploration stage. However, as the shape is refined to class A, it always requires being completely and tediously remodeled by Bezier patches, because the form-finding technologies lack the precision and smoothness to achieve class A quality for automotive manufacturing.

At Coreform, our vision for the future is that the same geometry (potentially U-splines) would be used for both CAD and CAE."

doesnt he now work for autodesk, i guess autodesk will be buying this one as well

Not since October 2016. https://www.linkedin.com/in/msederberg/

Wait did he say polygons and class A in the same sentence. This looks more like an attempt to marry cad with analysis if you read the interview not new form finding tools that will inspire one to creativity. This has already been done by Scan and solve where you don’t have to mesh your model.

At some point conceptual particles have to be used be they voxels or subds or Tsplines the programmers just rub more algorithmic sand paper to make you think it’s smooth. The true ability is how easy it is to use vs the time it takes to make the thing and how creative it allows one to be along with accuracy of the result needed for a given job. I didn’t feel that with t-splines it was still like stiff butter on bread. It’s been outlined on this list what Rhino needs but it’s a hard to implement. Of the programs he mentions non are better than Rhino or as versatile.

Remember “caveat emptor” especially where plugins with a track record like t-splines are concerned.

This news is no any relative for rhino. If this guy have any new tech., it just for fushion 360…

I was kidding…T-Splines, U-Splines, X-Chimes…whatever.

Had the same read as you: a new kernel of sorts aimed at one representation type from design through analysis, print and manufacture.

I’d presume the end game goal is to license to as many takers as possible, or outright sell, if/when mature and deemed of value.

When will you be publishing that?

Opps I missed that but I should have know given your sense of humor :relieved:

Daily about 4:00…

Screw Autodesk. They just ruin good stuff…