T-Splines for Rhino end of life

I kind of like the idea :slight_smile:

But I’m sure we will come up with a technical solution that will work for you and not leave us completely destitute.

Oh, yeah. Have you moved out of the house trailer yet? And how about the Pinto? Is it still running?

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Always on the move, can’t have people tracking us down, you know.


He traded it for a Vega.

I just chatted with @bobmcneel about this a little bit. Given all the options we can imagine, it may be most straightforward to allow Rhino 5 to run when one of the following conditions are true:

  1. A standalone license of Rhino 5 is installed on the computer
  2. A Zoo provides a Rhino 5 license lease
  3. A standalone license of Rhino 6 is installed and validated on the computer.

If you have your V6 license in a Zoo or the Cloud Zoo, your V5 won’t be able to see it, and so option (3) wouldn’t be available to you.

Logged as RH-37081.


Thanks Brian and Bob,

As always, it is an incredible pleasure to deal with a company that really listens to it’s customers and responds to their needs! I always metion this when someone asks my opinion regarding Rhino.



Not much movement here anymore, would be nice if there is still a change to purchase a license before the 7th with a pleasant discount.

Regards, Robert

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@brian I was re-reading this today and it occurred to me to ask whether the case of running with a valid V6 license under a ZOO might be addressed by allowing V5 to run on a computer that is RUNNING a valid Zoo-licensed copy of V6? I have no idea whether, technically, this would give the security you want, but just thought I’d ask.

If anyone is thinking of placing an order for T Splines for Rhino before EoL on Jan 7th, I’d suggest getting the order in very soon. As posted somewhere above, I was warned about potential delays at AutoDesk by the folks at Simply Rhino and sure enough, the order I placed for T Splines on 21st December has not as yet shown up on my AD download page. I have at least had an email from them acknowledging the order.

For me, the decision as to whether or not to buy T-Splines and/or VSR Shape for Rhino is a simple one: If you can foresee the need for such tools and you want to stay loyal to Rhino, get it now. It’s already been stated on here that V6 will not have tools that offer this kind of functionality. There doesn’t appear to be anything else on the market that does a comparable job (regardless of whether you want a plugin for Rhino, or are willing to go elsewhere) unless you’re prepared to spend a whole load more money. Yes, they’ll only run on Rhino V5 and are certain not to work in V6, but if these things are important to you, V6 without them will be a downgrade vs. V5 with them and in the short term at least there’s no way to make up for that.


I’ve been wondering about the same thing but haven’t got a solution fully
formed yet.

Did it work out for you, do you have the serials already?
I bought Tsplines yesterday evening and within two hours I got the confirmation and the serial shows up allready.
Just want to let you know in case something went wrong with your order.

Kind regards, Robert


Yes, fine thanks. Like you, I received a confirmation email from AD on the day of purchase, showing my license details. The problem I had was that when I signed in to my account, T-Splines didn’t show up on my downloads and licenses page. I gave up waiting last night and requested their assistance. They sent me a link to a page where I could download the installer, which worked. T-Splines still hasn’t appeared on my account page however. VSR Shape and Sketchbook Pro reside there, so I would have expected it to join them.

Well, the end draws near for TS…

 Sorry to see it come to this as I was in from the very beginning and have spent a lot of time learning it as it matured. I did some pretty crazy stuff with it along the way and and even won a couple of their design competitions. 
I guess I will down load the latest version and hope for the best in the future. Hope I have no problems with the licensing on the new computer I am just loading up with all my old apps. I bought into VSR Shape along the way too and have had problems with finding the license for it on the AD site, hope to sort that out too while there is time.

Hi Tom @tomfinnigan,
I purchased a spare copy of T-Splines before the EOL just in case I need it down the road for another user/computer. Are there any problems with me not activating it and just sitting it there until I need it?


Unfortunately Rhino without the two plug-in (T-Splines and VSR) appears as a somewhat castrated software. All current CAD programs have for some time tools to generate SubD, Rhino still no! Too many resources spent to achieve more…
Who was using the two plug-in what will? O will remain faithful to Rhino 5 (without being able to upgrade to Rhino 6) or it will be forced to look at other software, so many users will abandon the way.
McNeel should cover their own usage and marketing strategies.

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My guess is that 99% or RHino users don’t use Tsplines, and 99.9% of Rhino users don’t use VSR. So we are talking about a very small castration rate. That’s probably the same infertility rate caused by low vitamin C, or excessive exercise.

I’ve tried or looked closely at all of them: They suck, royally.

I’m one of those 1% (by my estimates) that uses T-splines. I won’t miss it, I have better tools outside of rhino.
I’m also more recently into the 0.5% (by my estimates) that uses a couple of VSR tools for surface tweaking, in about 1% of the surfaces I create; in those cases I’ll copy-paste between V6>V5>V6

When it comes to software I’m not faithful, I’m in open relationships with many of them. This is not about devoted loyalty, this is a business decision for all involved: McNeel, plugin developers, myself, my clients…

In general when I see I new piece of software I always plan on the fact that they will go out of business (no company can make a living in plugins by only appealing to the 1% of one piece of software userbase), or they will get acquired and disappear, or slow/stop development.

I avoided many plugins that I liked because I knew they had no business future. Examples if things I liked: Rhino Driving Dimensions, Power-anything from Npower software, Rhino Gold/Clayoo. VSR Renderer, DeepPaint 3D, Smurf, GrabCAD…

Yeah you should look. I’m always looking. Always hoping someone will finally make a piece of software that’s better than Rhino in every way. And never have to come back here to ask for more stuff. I’m on my 17th year of trying to leave, of trying to find my Nirvana3D and never come back. Maybe this is it?! Maybe this is the year! …but knowing what and who I know in the industry, I really doubt it. I think we have at least 5 more years of Rhino.

I think sometimes McNeleel sort of operates like this:

Summary: Why am I saying all this? Life’s messy, complicated. So is the software industry, especially the 3D/Modeling software. Most other players out there are lost, they have well crafted plans of how to shove to users old software, stuff that’s slow, that barely works and that has lousy support.

This team has proven over the long haul that they are way smarter than what we can possibly imagine, and that they are way less confused than what they continuously claim. And that overall they are so lucky that the rest of the industry is mostly incompetent, all of them, I mean just look at what Autodesk, Dassault, Siemens, The Foundry, and all the startups, etc, etc… are doing. There’s no magic bullet there. They few good things they had are stalled because they are not a good businesses (solving 1% problems). So let’s give this team a break: Let them ship V6.

…then we will be back, and bug the shit out of them again because like I always say, there’s only one thing in this unfaithful, long-term relationship that will never change:



:smile: :grin: :joy:


Autodesk is obviously doing this as a business move, to try and raise more money or increase their user base for fusion. But like a lot of things, I think it’s a classic revenge effect. Why do I say that?

Because now rather than buy the t-splines plugin from them, and them at least earning some money from me, I’ll probably take a look at clayoo instead. So instead of them earning some $, there’s more chance their competitors will get my money (which for them you’ll note is worse than me as a customer not buying any software at all from any vendors).

I’m not following the plugin, I’m following the base software that it runs under.
It’s a real shame because I was only just getting started with t-splines.

Oh well.

I would imagine that Autodesk’s reasons are very simple - not enough Rhino users buying T-Splines to keep paying developers. I’m sure if there were significant sales they would not have shut it down.

I do think sub d capability should be an important part of McNeel’s roadmap going forward. I don’t think they have to compete with full sub d packages like Max or Maya or C4D but a simple level of functionality would mean a lot less hopping back and forth between applications for many of us.

And I would second gusto’s response to the idea that most CAD packages have sub d capability - they’re very poorly implemented. The same is true for the nurbs tools available in the sub d applications. Nobody is going to bail out of Rhino because Max has some nurbs tools.

@sochin, If you have 3.5 or 4.0, you will be able to install at any time. If you have 3.4 or earlier, you will be able to install until July 19, 2018.