T-Splines for Rhino end of life

I would also like to have changed edges available on NetworkSrf, with continuity as is currently available for rail edges of Sweep2. Can it be added to the pile for V6?

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@pascal, it’s not possible in V6 either.

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@pascal @mikko What’s needed to put it on the list for V7?


Any news on price reductions on the plugin or free upgrades for those who already have an older version?

Can I sell my license and transfer it to another person ?

I will be ok with just having a SubD match srf to existing boundaties instead. But that also requires a way to chain edges I guess…

Still following up on that. There are a surprising number of people involved… :expressionless:

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I haven’t checked the legal status (which I assume is fine), but from a technical point of view this should be possible with either RLM or ADLM. With ADLM you can use the License Transfer Utility, and with RLM there is a deactivate license button in the preferences dialog.

Thanks for keeping us informed, good luck!

Hello All,

I have been using Rhino since 1999 and have been utilizing the amazing t-splines plugin since 2012. I recently joined the Victoria’s Secret PINK team and helping develop a 3d department. Teaching out Rhino to the team we purchased 4 seats of rhino, one pc seat and three mac seats. I was hoping to in the near future to be able to run these seats with all the bells and whistles ASAP. I understand that auto desk has acquired t-splines a few years back. Well it looks like t-splines for Rhino will not be further supported for rhino by Autodesk since they have developed fusion 360 which has these tools included. Is there anything McNeel could recommend to help us here best tackle this issue? I also understand that Rhino 6 will have Grasshopper included will there be any t-spline type tools included as well? I am also curious to see if we will be eligible for Rhino 6 since we just bought 4 seats of Rhino 5? Please let me know all your thoughts at your earliest convenience.
Rudolf Baltera

Hi Rudolf - I’m afraid there is nothing within Rhino 6 that replaces T-Splines, no.


Check out

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The upgrades from Rhino 5 to 6 will likely be the same as Rhino 4 to 5. See: http://www.rhino3d.com/sales

I believe that T-Splines is still available for Rhino 5 for Windows, but it was never available on the Mac.

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Pascal, please talk with the team - couln’t a compatibility option be added to v6 like known from WINDOWS. A special mode to run old plugins at the latest Rhino? I could imagine that a lot of user avoid to upgrade if important plugins are broken. There a some great plugins discontinued for different reason that never come back. For example RhinoWorks is stopped, but there is no alternative.
An extreme way could be that the compatibility mode let run a Rhino 5 installation in background.

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Yes. We could do that, but it would hog development resources that we would have focused on new features like SubD, etc.

Rhino 5 is not going away. Keep buying it and using it if that is what you need. There is no penalty for skipping upgrades.


I’m hoping you have thought a bit more about the suggestion David Cockey made in This Thread, seems a lot of users are going to need both V5 and V6 active on the same computer for a long while.

Yes, we have given it a lot of thought, and have decided that we aren’t
going to do it.

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Allowing it would seem a prudent move. Giving access/entitlement to download & install the last service release of V5 when buying a license of V6 could save some folks a bit of heartache, even if it will only let one or other run at any one time.

With regards the original title of this topic, I’ve just been in touch with Simply Rhino (UK) and they advise placing an order for T Splines for Rhino V5 no later than 20th December, if you want to make sure of getting it before the 7th Jan deadline. They tell me that unlike most other Rhino plugin suppliers, AD can take quite a while to process purchases. The Christmas/New Year break is likely to compound that.