System.DllNotFoundException: Could not load 'DLL 'rhcommon_c

Hello Everyone,

I am developing software that will external access my Rhino and Grasshopper project using the C# Console Application. I want to use RhinoCommon API classes and methods in this software. How can I use it?

In addition, I have installed RhinoCommon.dll in this software and when I want to use the libraries there, I get the error “System.DllNotFoundException: Could not load 'DLL ‘rhcommon_c’: The specified module could not be found”'. How can I solve this problem?

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Thanks for your help.

if the program is not executing inside Rhino or Grasshopper you don’t have access to this API

so you must use another dll that has less function
before it was Rhino3dmIO

And now Rhino3DM

For external access, you might want to use Rhino.Inside

Here is a basic sample

Thank you your reply. I solved the problem with rhino.inside