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Rhino is reporting license already in use when I open instances on different desktops on the same machine.


Well from reading what it does…that doesn’t sound unexpected, it sounds like it’s virtually the same as having different people logged in at the same time.


Does not seem like that to me, I can copy+paste between desktops.

Everything else works but Rhino and Acrobat Reader.

(Brian Gillespie) #4

Are you talking about Rhino 4 or 5? I’d expect this behavior in 4 but not 5.


Rhino 5

(Brian Gillespie) #6

Can you post a screen shot of the error message please? This actually soundalike a plugin giving you this message.


(Brian Gillespie) #8

Thanks. I’m surprised to see that, but I guess that is what happens. Not sure there is much we can do about it, though.


I’m sure it’s not a standard setup and probably not supported, but guess it was worth a shot reporting.


Someone can recomend another gadget like this that works with Rhino?