SysInfo formatting

_SystemInfo is often needed here.

In Rhino we call the _SystemInfo command and Copy All.
Then we paste it in the Discourse editor, resulting in a long text.

To get a tidy post, we select the pasted text and go to the gear icon and set ‘Hide details’.
Couldn’t this be done automatically?

  1. The copied text from the SystemInfo Dialog could include the control text, so that pasting it into the Discourse editor results in a collapsed view.
  2. Or the Discourse editor could auto-detect what to do when pasting a SystemInfo.
  3. Or the Discourse editor could offer a button ‘Paste collapsed’.

That would be nice.

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As a dev I prefer the system info not to be in a hide-details block. I tend to miss that, and find it hugely annoying to have to click it open.

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or worse: attached as txt file


Ah ok, I didn’t expect that.