Syncing Grasshopper preferences, plugins, and clusters over multiple devices over the cloud


I use multiple devices for working in grasshopper. I want to be able to have the same preferences, plugin versions, and my clusters, available across all devices.

I use cloud storage to sync my projects across devices. Is there any way to do the same for maintaining updated plugins, preferences, and clusters?

I tried using cloud storage to sync the components folder (by adding the cloud folder path to grasshopper developer settings), but it always gave weird pop-up errors every time I launched grasshopper. Although clunky, it did work, but I still couldn’t solve the problem for maintaining the same preferences and clusters across devices.

I tried looking, but couldn’t find any plugins.

Any input is appreciated.


Some of the above perhaps would work if you extract the related config/plugin directories into one place and make a “Symlink” from the Rhino instances. It should be possible to configure like this even over a network.

I did this on my local computer to share common tool panels between Rhon 5, R6 and R6WIP (R7).

On windows I use Link Shell Extensions:
Trusted link:

// Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Thank you for your response. Will have a look and let you know if it works.