Synchronized rendered colors for inserted blocks


I purchased a mesh vehicle model from

I have a four-view layout in which two details are shaded and two are rendered. I just want to use the default colors of the layers for the vehicle, not assign individual materials to every part of the vehicle.

I have a crashed model of the vehicle and an undamaged model of the vehicle and separate Rhino files.

I inserted both of those files into a separate, new drawing (“container” file) and put them on separate layers. This way I can control the visibility of each version of the model and the different detail views.

I opened the undamaged vehicle model file and ran SynchronizeRenderColors on all the objects. This gave each object the colors of the shaded vehicle, based on their layer colors, when I’m in rendered view.

However, when I open the file in which this model is inserted and create a rendered view, the colors don’t show up in the rendering unless I explode the inserted model and run the synchronize command on all of those exploded objects within the container drawing.

Is there anything I can do to make the synchronize colors in the inserted file show up in the container file?

Thanks. I appreciate you guys. It would help for me to send a file or a screenshot, just let me know.