Synchronize aliases between Rhino 7 and v8 WIP

What’s the easiest way to keep my aliases in sync?

There is no mechanism to keep Aliases automatically synced between multiple installations or different versions of Rhino.

I haven’t tried it, but you can probably export your aliases in one installation of Rhino and import it into another.
This certainly will work within a single Version of Rhino.
I may work between V7/V8, but only if the characters that trigger the command line macros have not changed.

Ok, Thanks.
Feature Request: It would be awesome to let users chose the location of their aliases,
that way it could be stored in a cloud location and have different versions and computers point to that file to have everything in sync.

We’ve talked about how to go about making that possible for a future version of Rhino. No code has been written yet.
It would be a big change and require lots of plumbing.