Swivel about a point

Hi , Is it possible to make a model to swivel about a point ?
For example , when you turn the gum ball on and rotate the model
the whole thing moves. I thought it would be helpful if I could select a point
and have this point as the axis and the model could swivel around this.
It would be useful to help evaluate certain designs .

I’m not clear if you are describing rotating the view or rotating objects.
The view rotates around the viewport camera target point.
Objects can be rotated around an axis using the Rotate or Rotate3D commands

I am trying to rotate an object about a point . Say if you have a seesaw for example , or
any other pivot point . I want the pivot point to remain fixed but either end will move about
this point when I centre the gumboil at the chosen pivot point.

Hi Christopher - you can move the gumball off of its default location with RelocateGumball For single objects, this should stick - that is survive deselection and a new selection of the one object.


Hi Pascal, yes I have tried relocating the gumball but still the whole model moves.
I only want either end of the model to move .

Hi Christopher - dunno if this is what you are after or not - select one of the bars in the attached file - the Gumball should appear at the end of one, and off to the side of the other - rotating the gumball rotation controls will pivot the object around that gumball center.
GumballOnOneEnd.3dm (57.8 KB)


Hi Pascal, That is what I am after. Aligning the gumball to object .