Switching Views

iRhino Version: 8.0.22346
Build: 09.32.0

Tested: iPhone 12max pro and iPad 12.9 5th Generation.

Unable to switch view windows when viewing in 2 view or 4 view mode.

Example: When viewing in 2 view mode, I am presented with a top view and a perspective view. I can not change the top view to “Front”. Switching does not do anything and when I touch the viewport, it reverts back to “Top” view. Shouldn’t I be able the change these? This behavior is the same for 4 view as well. Tested on both iphone and ipad with the same issue.

Hi Jason,

When in 2view or 4view mode. You have to first tap inside one of the viewports to activate it. Then you can change the view for that viewport.
In 2view a thick bracket would show around the border of the viewport to indicate which viewport is selected. In 4view the border of selected viewport will appear thicker.
I do however think we should automatically select one of the viewports when you switch to 2view or 4view.

Nevermind, I actually can reproduce the behavior you’re describing. Definitely a bug on our end. We can get a fix for this in the next release.


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In the meantime you can use the “Set View” option to change the viewport’s projection.

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