Switching VA license from standalone to Cloud Zoo

We have setup a team account for our orginisation to share Rhino licenses using Cloud Zoo when we upgraded to Rhino6 last year.

With the latest VA release enabling Cloud Zoo I went to add our single VA license to this team license pool to enable us to share it when required and have recieved a notification that the license is registered to another email address (my personal work email rather than the new team email).

How can I go about switching the registered email address for this VA license?

@fsalla to add context to this I posted the above question from the company account I set up to manage our license pool and wish to transfer the VA license I use to enable team access when required

Hi @dannysquires you can add more than one email into your Rhino accounts. Make sure you have added also the one you have your VisualARQ license registered with, and then, you can add the VisualARQ license to a team in Cloud Zoo. VisualARQ will check for all the emails in your account until it finds the right one.
We can also change your VisualARQ registration email, if you need it. In that case, please write to us at visualarq@asuni.com.

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