Switching to a custom display mode mid-command cancels it

I noticed a strange bug in Rhino 6. I have several custom made display modes in Cyrillic alphabet and they all work flawlessly except one of them that tends to cancel commands while they are not yet finalized (such like while I adjust a “Blend surface” or during “Fillet edges”). I have no idea why this particular display mode cancels the commands while the others don’t. It works properly when there is no “Blend surface” or “Fillet edges” command, or any other command running.

This is the text that I used for the dedicated button for the problematic display mode:
!’_SetDisplayMode Шоколадчо

Out of curiosity I made a copy of the “Shaded” display mode and then renamed it into “Шоколадчо”, but it also cancels the aforementioned commands, so the problem is not caused by the custom material or settings for the display mode and seems to be related to this specific name written in Cyrillic alphabet itself…

I also have several other display modes in Cyrillic such like those mentioned below, but they don’t cause this issue.

'_SetDisplayMode Сладоледчо

'_SetDisplayMode БабаМеца

!’_SetDisplayMode КумаЛиса

'_SetDisplayMode ЗайоБайо

'_SetDisplayMode Чертеж1

'_SetDisplayMode Чертеж2

The “!” Cancels any running command, if you remove that from your macros, it should work.

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Wow, what a difference a single symbol does! Thank you for the tip! It works now as you described.