Switching licenses between computers / zoo

@Brian sometimes when I am working on my pc, I need to do a quick thing on the Mac so I open Rhino there, and I get the notification on the pc, that the license is now in use on the Mac, and if I want to continue using it on the pc. If I choose no, Rhino will close, if I choose yes, the Mac license will be blocked, so far so good. But it has also occurred many times, and just yet, that the dialog of ‘do you want to continue using your license here’ just disappears as if I clicked No, and then I get no other chance then either to discard my changes, or save over the existing file. This is highly annoying especially when having multiple files open, which often happens. Do you have any idea if there is something on my end I can do about it? Or can you do something that makes it possible to go back to the dialog? Thanks

@brian This is not something I, as a single user, have come in contact with but as described it sounds like an aspect of license management that was not thoroughly thought through. In my opinion the original instance of Rhino (the pc in Gijs’s example) should be blocked from use but in a state of “suspended animation” until the second license is given back. It probably needn’t automatically become “unsuspended”, although that would be nice. It would be sufficient to have the blocking dialog contain a “resume” button that rechecks for a valid license and reappears if none is found.

An additional button for that dialog would allow the user to put away the instance neatly by asking if the file should be saved or not.

Gijs makes it sound like the pc notification box times out and just closes the instance without a chance to save. This, IMHO, is a jailable developer offense.

Please ignore if I have completely misconstrued what’s going on here.

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What happens after the dialogue disappears? Is Rhino still on screen? If it closes as well, and without a save dialogue then that isn’t really the same as pressing No, is it?

If Rhino is still there, what happens if you close Rhino on the other PC? Can you go back to working in the first Rhino?

How long does it take before the license dialogue disappears?

Zoo or Cloud Zoo?

(Below is based on my experience with the Cloud Zoo and Rhino on two Windows PCs.)
Ignore the pop-up. Do not click Yes or No. When a similar window pops up on the Mac click Yes and start using Rhino on the Mac. Rhino on the PC will stay open.

That is what happens for me if I ignore the pop-up window on the first machine.

My experience with the Cloud Zoo and have Rhino on two Windows systems

Rhino open on System A.

Start Rhino on System B.

Pop-up appears on System B: You license is or was in use on “System A”. Do you want to continue using Rhino 7 here? I respond Yes.

Pop-up appears on System A: You license is or was in use on “System B”. Do you want to continue using Rhino 7 here? I ignore the pop-up but stop using Rhino on System A. System A remains open with the pop-up window in place.

I use Rhino on System B

I return to Rhino on System A. The pop-up window is still open. I now click Yes, and can now use Rhino on System B.

A pop-up window appears on System B: You license is or was in use on “System A”. Do you want to continue using Rhino 7 here? I ignore the pop-up but stop using Rhino on System B. System B remains open with the pop-up window in place.

The process repeats until I stop using Rhino on one system.

yes, it will stay open, but I get the dialog if I want to save changes or not. In other words, Rhino is going into shutdown mode, with a chance to save. No other option left. All other sessions will be in shut down mode as well.

no, Rhino is in exit mode and there is no going back

can’t tell exactly but this time it happened it was just shortly after I started using the license on the mac.

This is what I normally do, what I mean is that it acts as if I clicked “no” while I didn’t touch the dialog at all, that’s the annoying thing, and then there is no going back.

Do you get any sense that this happens only after a long series of swaps between Rhinos, perhaps over some set interval of time like 24 hours, which might indicate you’ve used up a quota, or can it happen pretty much at random? I use the feature quite a lot (but not backwards and forwards repeatedly) and I don’t like the idea that this could raise its head at an inopportune moment.

It gets even more odd… I just tried it again, but before doing so, first saved my file. Rhino just quit without asking any questions

So far I have not seen any pattern

What versions of Rhino are you using on both systems?

There might be something I just figured out… when I just did this test, I had Rhino 6 open and Rhino 7 open, then on the mac I tried to open Rhino 7, this made Rhino 7 on the pc quit and Rhino 6 gives me the dialog. EDIT: unfortunately not repeatable

Are you using the Zoo or Cloud Zoo?

I believe I’m using cloud zoo

@brian any help on this subject? It just happened again, when I am on Windows, and switching work on the mac, the dialog on Windows times out, my Rhino gets blocked with the save yes/no dialog ;-(

Sorry to be late to the party here. In the time it takes for the dialog asking “yes or no” to appear, then disappear, then ask you to save, have you touched the mouse or keyboard?

I’m wondering if there’s any chance that you’ve hit the “Enter” key on the keyboard (perhaps meaning for it to go to some other window, or to complete the entry of a command). If everything that you’re describing happens without you touching anything at all, well, that’s just odd!

Hi @brian

it just happened again and this is how it went:
to be safe I made sure I had one file already saved and one that could be closed. I switch to my macbook, I get the dialog “your license is in use in [name of other pc]” Do you want to continue using here? I click yes, and I see the Rhino session on the pc I saved automatically quit, and the other I get the save dialog.

If the dialog box appears on the PC you had been using then that is the same behavior I get. It seems correct to me since it lets me save unsaved work.

You can also ignore the dialog box on the machine you had been using and just go ahead and work on the other machine. The first machine will just sit there with the dialog box open, though if you have unsaved work it is safer to click on the dialog box and save the work.

no, read my message again, I was using the pc, then I go to the mac, and start using my license there, and at that time my Rhino sessions on the PC are terminated without asking questions

It was not clear to me from our post whether the dialog box appeared on the PC or Mac. That is why I started my comment with “If”. Saying “read my message again” can be interpreted several ways.

Ah ok, thought I made that clear. So to conclude: my Rhino is closing itself when I start using the license on the Mac.

Can you please let me know the version numbers (all four sections - 7.x.y.z) for both Mac and Windows Rhino?