Switching from Mac to PC

Looks like I am going to have to switch from my Mac to a PC to run plug-ins. I am designing a sail boat and the Mac is now not even able to handle 3-D files sent from vendor to model the boat. It’s been a very long time since I used a PC and need some help to determine what I need to get exactly. The will only be to run Rhino and Rhino plug-ins.

The next question is will I need to buy another license to run on both my Mac and PC?

Hi Bridget - yeah the licenses are separate, but, what exactly is the problem you are encountering on the mac?


The base file has grown (40.9 MB) and it ‘thinks’ if you try to move the drawing around too much or change layers or turn on too many layers. Yesterday I received a 3-D file for the engine and it locked up the whole computer. When I first started using Rhino I upgraded my RAM to 8 but it could be just that the Mac itself is old. That still doesn’t solve the plug-in problem. All of the plug-ins in that will assist with hydro calculations are only PC based from what I can tell.