Switching clockwise and counter clockwise rotation with the SpaceNavigator

I have a problem configuring the SpaceNavigator such that it moves the camera, rather than the model. I have been able to do this for all motions, except for the clockwise / counter- clockwise rotation. Moving the clockwise- counter- clockwise axis to the symmetry axis of the space pilot worked, but clockwise rotation of the space pilot results in counter- clockwise rotation of the camera (and vice versa), and I cannot switch the motion direction. (switching clockwise and counter clockwise rotation about the same axis has no effect).

I did all the axis changing in the rhino specific settings of the space pilot settings in the apple preferences pane. (The same procedure worked for sketchup, so it appears to be Rhino specific).

Is it a bug, or can anyone please point me to a setting which allows me to reverse this rotation?

I did not understand exactly what the problem is, but I made a little video to try to figure out your problem. The menu is in my language, Italian.3DConnexion camera mode.mp4 (7.6 MB)

Thanks for the reply, I had the axes mixed up, now it works the way I prefer.

The first 2 screenshots show the settings where the rotation about the z axis was in the same direction (like having the space navigator fixed to the model), despite switching the clockwise and counter clockwise direction in the space navigator preferences.

The third screenshot results in motion as though I’m holding the camera (as intended).

(I hope this also clarifies the original problem).