Switch to .NET 5 for Rhino v7

Clearly, migrating to .Net5 for Rhino 7 would be a bad, if not impossible, option right now. Sooner or later it will have to happen, though. My hope is that, by then, the Rhino/GH team will be overcome with an unfathomable urge to redesign the UI using .Net Maui, if you get my meaning…

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You are assuming .NET maui is functional by then. Currently it doesn’t even compile and link according the discussion pages of the project. We already use the cross-platform library Eto

I was not aware Maui was that delayed, although it’s understood that .Net 5 is being released this November, but many important features will only see the light of day with LTS .Net 6 one year after. I hope that’s not the case with C#9 though, because it’s looking really good!