Switch from test version to team license

I’m currently still using my test version that expires on March 3rd. Since our exam in Rhino is in late March our Professor invited us to join his Team with a Lab License.
I joined the team and it’s showing up in my account but when I open Rhino it still says “26 Days left”.
Will it change automatically once the test version is expired or can i switch now from test version to the Team License?

Also: Is it of relevance what E-mail address the Prof sent the invitations to? I got the invitation on my university’s mail account but used my personal rhino account that is not linked to the university’s mail account to join the team.

Thanks ins advance!

Hi Pia, If you go into (assuming windows version) file>properties>licenses you can remove your trial version then proceed to login with your university account login (you may need to create one)