Switch between shaded and rendered view in all viewports


now I have another question: when I am in shaded mode

and switch to rendered mode, I get it in all views

but when I go back to shaded, I get it only in the view I changed it in:

And if I am in perspective in shaded and change to rendered and then back, and then go to top or left, this is still in rendered mode. is there a way to change all for views from shaded to rendered and then back?

Thanks in advance - Jan

Hi Jan - the menu behind the viewport title controls the display per viewport, but the buttons should as well - these have per viewport on the left click and all viewports on the right click, in the default toolbar setup.


Hi Pascal, I am not entirely sure I understood you correctly – with a single left click on the viewport title I get the menu where I can choose shaded mode or rendered etc, but whether I click the wanted mode with the left or the right mouse button does not make any difference.
What I found under preferences --> view ist this:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-25 um 19.46.50

After deselecting “Linked viewports” I can now change the mode for every viewport indivudually … so that’s what I wanted.

Many thanks - Jan