Swiftlet - parse image

Hello @enmerk4r!

Thanks for your great plugin. I was testing it with the Google street view static API. The code works perfectly till the request part (http status code 200). But I’m unsure how to parse the output as it is an image and don’t see any components for this in the ‘read json’ tab. Do you know how I can go about this? (also the content from the GET request seems to have special charecters and may not be correct, although no errors shown)

Thanks again!

Hi @dee1!
Thank you for your interest in Swiftlet. Check out the latest release - I’ve added a Save Web Response component that allows you to save byte array data to a local file. I’ve successfully used it for downloading an image file from S3 in the past. You can then re-import it into Grasshopper by reading the image from the same path. Hope that helps!