Sweeps deform when I move the model?

Hi all, I’ve modelled a bridge using sweeps in a standalone model. I now need to paste my model into a site model that was created and move it into the correct location in the site model. When I do this the sweeps in my own model deform. Can anyone tell me why this happens or how to prevent it? I’d like to avoid having to remodel everything!


Hello - is the sweep made using History? Is the new location very far, in model units, from the World origin?


Hi! I don’t know what History is? but yes, the new location is very far away from the origin (where I drew my model)

Hi -

You haven’t posted any pictures or 3dm files and so it’s a bit of guessing, but what probably happens is that the display meshes of the object get messed up because they were created with so-called single-precision vertex locations. When the object gets moved far away from the origin, there are not enough digits to precisely place these vertices and the object looks deformed. The object itself is still fine. Depending on which version of Rhino you are using this should either not happen or you can solve it by clearing the display meshes (ClearAllMeshes) and generating new ones by putting the viewport back into a shaded display mode.