Sweep4rail doesnt exist so how to surface this?

Handle with wavy finger grip along leading edge feathering into an elipse type cross section.
I have five known shapes, see attached, 4 sides to a handle and the cross section shape at one end. The other end one cannot say for sure where the profiles end as it turns into a different shape but for a mockup to skin these lines will be enough.
Maybe I need to cut the far ends planar to the elipse for this to work ?

Sweep4rails isnt a command as such, so NetworkSrf perhaps, but I dont know any more shapes here.
I think NetworkSrf requires more cross sections/profiles.

The profiles part way down would be generated with the sweep, it is not for me to predict these shapes and place them in to use in networkSrf as I dont know quite what cross section shapes would result if sweep4rail was to exist.

How do I surface this handle ?
NetworkSrf challenge.3dm (33.7 KB)


Hi Steve - you can make a pretty good guess at the lower profile by making an InterpCrv through the end points. I’d use Knots=Uniform.



Hi Pascal,
ok thats sort of got it enough for what I need.

I wish though sweep3rail and sweep4rail existed !



Since it looks symmetrical I think you could just try network surf on one half and then mirror it.

Simply create a cylinder or elliptic cylinder of the right height and diameter. Then make the CPs visible, maybe add some isoparametric curves to obtain more CPs in the desired location and scale them to suit.

No curves and surfacing needed for these kind of things.