Sweep2 v. Network Surface and Joining

Problem Join.3dm (3.1 MB)

In the attached file I have a planar closed curve and a network of curves in red.

The sides of the planar curve are trimmed versions of the red network.

The precision is 0.0001.

If I use the NetworkSrf on the red network and create a planarsrf on the closed curve, I can join the two.

If, instead, use Sweep2 to on the red network, planar surface will not joint to it unless I increase the precision to 0.01 (1000x).

I was curious, why is this the case?

(and I am working on the tangents at the bottom).

Hi Jim - it looks buggy… Use MatchSrf, Position, ‘Match by closest points’ , to tune up the sweep edge to the input curve.

Poking at this a bit more, I see that one segment of the rail curve, the pooched out part - is an arc - that is, the curve has a weighted control point (rational). If I rebuild that segment of the rail, the sweep hits the rail nicely. I’ll look into it, it looks like the refitting of the rail needs a tune up for rational curves…