Sweep2 problem with rhinocommon?

hey everyone, it seems the sweep2 in rhinocommon pyhon (right one in image) can not work
properly the result always different to the one I made in Rhino straightway(left one in image),
any thoughts? thanks.

Are you picking the curves in order? Rhino tries to order the input curves whereas Python will take them in pick order (or file order if you window select)

Also, there are a whole bunch of different possibilities to “PerformSweep”… Are you using the one which corresponds with your Rhino choice?


hey Mitch, Thx for reply, am sure I took the rhino choice in same order for both, but the result in rhinocommon is
so weird, Initial I could go though rs.AddSweep2 instead, however, there is no access to "maintain height " in it, so I
have to look at rhinocommon,thx!

If you haven’t found it it’s: