Sweep2 option for rebuild doesn't work

In the latest beta (12-dec), in sweep2 dialog box, if I put in “4” in the “rebuild cross sections with” box, it does not rebuild with 4 cross sections. See attached example.sweep2.3dm (126.5 KB)

I assume you mean it does not rebuild with 4 control points.

Interesting. It works with a request to rebuild with 5 or more control points, but not with 4 or less control points. I can understand not working with 3 or 2 control points because 4 control points are needed for a degree 3 curve.

Sweep2 with Rebuild cross sections with 4 control points works in V5 but not V6.


Hi all - I see that, thanks.


Thanks. Also, maybe related - in the attached, I think sweep2 should offer some continuity options when I select “do not change cross sections”, but it does not.no sweep continuity.3dm (169.0 KB)

Hi Peter - the curve is rational - control point weights other than 1 - and you don’t get continuity at the rails with rational cross section curves… we could make that clearer, I’m sure, I’ll ask the developer about that.


Oh I see. That’s weird - I never change point weights, so I guess I got that curve from someone else.

Circles, arcs and ellipses will be rational in any case - even if you make them yourself… :smile:

Oh, true!

RH-43145 ought to be fixed in the latest BETA. Please give it a go.