Sweep2 - History not updating as expected

Not sure why History is not updating properly when I rotate the middle cross section.

1 = normal result from sweep2
2 = rotate middle cross section with History enabled (error)
3 = sweep2 using new postion of middle cross section (expected result from history)

history.3dm (208.4 KB)


Hi Keith- I see that your second, distorted, version is not working but rotating the section curve on the leftmost example does not get me anything weird here. If you reopen the file and rotate that section on #1, do you get the goofiness?

That said, I might use Orient with Scale set to 1D and project on Osnaps to modify this section and keep it attached at the lower edge to the inside curve (Near OSnap)


Hi Pascal,

Yes, I still get the goofiness on number 1 using Orient or Rotate commands

Version 5 SR12 64-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 10/08/2015)


Darn - Same built here - the first one works as expected, so far. I am not sure what to suggest.


This works as expected for me in Rhino V6.