Sweep2 for connecting two tubes gives me unsmooth tangency problem

Hey there, Rhino beginner here.

I just want to connect two intersecting tubes with each other but I am not sure if I used the Sweep2 command correctly or if there is a better solution for my problem.
I created circles to have the tangency correct but you can take a look; its not working how I want it:

TubeConnection.3dm (824.6 KB)

I want to 3D print these kind of parts and I guess it would work with the current state but is there a better workflow?

which way are you sweeping it? (rails vs. cross sections)
one thing, you need to give it more room, the ‘inner’ curve goes too deep

I can’t see the problem.
The surfaces are perfectly tangent (from the picture) .
If you want a perfectly smooth zebra then you have to go for G2, curvature, continuity. Having G2 continuity over a flat direction (the tubes) isn’t the best from a visual point of view so, if me, i would stay like now.