Sweep2 error

Hi everyone.
I found a Sweep2 error (bug maybe) in my Rhino course when I followed teacher’s steps with my mac.
The problem was that sweep2 could not make a surface to blend 2 mirror surfaces with keeping G2,even i chose G2 both in the rail curve option.
I am sured I have built correct cross line. Because sweep2 created a perfect, symmetrical surface when I opened the same file in rhino 5 for windows.

you can compare the surface in Layer 2.

the version of my rhino for mac OS is 2014-4-21(510)

forgive my poor english- -

Sweep2 Problem.3dm (2.0 MB)

I see the same difference that you do between the Mac and Windows versions. I will investigate this further with the developers.

Yes. You have uncovered a bug. Thanks for reporting it.

yeah, that’s weird… it’s like the second click won’t register…

ie- set A & B to ‘position’
• set A to ‘curvature’ and you’ll see it adjust
• set B to ‘curvature’ and it doesn’t do anything

Found the problem. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.