Sweep1 with lines at different angles creates weird extrusions


I applied the sweep1 command to a collection of lines that are at different angles. This in order to replace the taper function which makes weird shapes. The start and end radius were created using perp frames and display correctly on each line. But the result of the sweep is all distorted. How could I fix this so they would resemble the posts as seen on the firts part of my structure?

Also, there is a part of my script (gray box indicated at left) which is not relevant anymore but I don’t understand how to delete it because it is still connected at one point and whenever I try to substitute the parameter, the script doesnt run properly. Doesn’t really matter as I can just ignore it but it would be nicer to remove it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, here are the files:

Structure.3dm (68.7 KB)
Structure2.gh (82.4 KB)

you need to right_click → graft the Rail input of your “HERE” sweep1 component


thank you very much, it was simple and it worked! By any chance, would you have any idea how to create a chain with multiple parts without getting messy? When I copy paste the script all reference points are associated to part 1 (when part 3 should start from part 2, part 4 from 3 etc…)
Thanks :slight_smile: