Sweep1: perplexity

How come in Rhino this simple Sweep1 fails, while in SolidEdge is resolved? (Although this a point of discontinuity along the track). Maybe I made a mistake?

Why Rhino does not solve this kind of sweep1 so, automatically? Perhaps V6 sweep works better, I do not know …

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Question for the Rhino team: Could v6 commands be set-up to discover – and avoid – self-intersections?

Could be damn useful.

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Rhino has always the taste of an unfinished Cad.
I would prefer that in Rhino were resolved all known and unknown cases, like this, like making a offset surface of a cone, or solve fillet trivial.
Ok the SubD, though we can not neglect known issues. (something has been done, but it’s not enough)

No response from some developers?
It would be acceptable in solving such conditions that always afflict Rhino.