Sweep1 not working for or closed profile?

I have used sweep1 to create the outer mesh/cladding for every floor, using a segment of the left and right curve and a circle connecting these two segments that represent a floor. When I try to do this at the top, with a closed curve profile, it doesn’t work.

I’m new to grasshopper so I’m not sure what other functions I could try? I tried using revolution but it doesn’t work because of it being asymmetrical, and due to the curve of the arc, I’m not sure if slicing a sphere would work.

Please help!! I’ve attached images of the specific part of the code that’s not working, if you need the file let me know. When I do use sweep, it creates a weird blend of a mesh, neither are correct so I can’t just null one of them. It’s shown on the screenshot too.

Coursework City Hall YP_re.gh (40.9 KB)