_sweep1 (interface bug, minor), no frame style, no preview

No Idea how it happens, nor how to reproduce:
but it seams to be possilbe (Mac, Version 7 (7.11.21271.01002, 2021-09-28) that the sweep1 dialog starts with no Frame Style and no Preview.
as soon as i klick on one of the Frame-style options i get a result.

but the command should start with a default frame style, or the last frame style

this feels sad - reporting a bug, without reaction for more then a year.
but what gives me new hope - here is how to reproduce it:

mac Version 7 (7.27.23013.15002, 2023-01-13)

sweep1_noPreview.3dm (74.6 KB)

run sweep1 on the left setting.
green surface edge as rail.
framestyle align with surface

create the sweep to store this setting.

now run sweep1 again on the right setting, curves only.
align with surfaces is now greyed out - which makes sense
but the framestyle should fall back to freeform. (expected behaviour)

what i did not check - if this also happens, when the first sweep1 was done in another document that is opened at the same session / in parallel.

thanks @pascal or @Gijs for tracking it.

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom - thanks, I see this, same on Windows.

RH-72676 Sweep1 - no default frame style