Sweep1 fails to create on many numbers with slider input

can anyone explain this?! is this a bug?
the simple torus is build native in grasshopper with two circles and a pframe.
see below…


torus_Sweep1_error.gh (5.0 KB)


I am not sure why Prep Frame is not giving the output, but when I tried it with Prep Frames it gives the required torus output.

torus_Sweep1_error.gh (6.5 KB)

I’m not sure but seems like an issue of PFrameon a circle, not Sweep1.

torus_Sweep1_error_re.gh (7.8 KB)

try reparametrize the rail curve…?

-on both the frame input and rail input…

Flipping the Rail curve will solve the problem.

Karizmar36.gh (16.2 KB)

When if you flip the rail circle, then the problem is gone. Still don’t know exact reason…

torus_Sweep1_error_rev2.gh (5.7 KB)

It seems that the directions of the rail and the section circle should match for a given plane of normal.

thx so far… best option is the flip crv only on the rail… working on the alignment of the plane(s)/frame(s) instead has no effect… error just changes to other values…
still don t understand the error!