Sweep1 Bug - latest Mac V6 Beta

Can’t get a clean sweep1.

The outside corners of this closed sweep1 get extra surfaces. I’ve tried a single provide and profiles at every corner. see image and file.Sweep1 porblem.3dm (181.9 KB)

This is one way.
Alternatively, a single track can be used, with the option “Roadlike” and “sweep closed” active. Then select the polysurface and use the “_MergeAllFaces” command.


Sweep1 porblem.3dm (9.0 MB)

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Zsimon, Are you suggesting this sweep be done in 2 steps and then joined? I did get a clean sweeps using your magenta and green line sweep paths separately. I just thought this operation should be able to be completed with one closed sweep path and one profile instead of needing to build up every corner condition.

Using the merge all faces command doesn’t merge the curved surfaces.

It should be done in 2 steps. Of course the _MergeAllFaces command only combines flat surfaces. If it is important for you to have continuous surfaces, you can use the settings that I attach to it. The operation must always be done in 2 steps. If you want you can use _MergeAllFaces to further reduce the number of surfaces

Sweep1 porblem_Simon.3dm (10.4 MB)