Sweep1 along sub-curves causes Rhino 6 to crash

On my machine, _Sweep1 causes Rino to go irresponsive and then to crash (no error message or anything) when I try to sweep a profile along a sub-curve.

Version 6.3.18090.471, 31.03.2018

Would be great if this could be fixed if indeed it is a bug! Thanks!

Probably a good idea to upload a file with curves that cause a crash for you.

When prompted for a rail curve, Rhino crashes as soon as I confirm a curve segment after ctrl-shift-clicking on a sub-curve.

On my machine, this seems to fail in every case I tried which is why I didn’t upload a file. But here goes… :wink:
To reproduce

  1. Run _sweep1
  2. Ctrl-shift-select a sub-curve of the curve on the “rail” layer. Confirm
    On my machine this crashed rather faithfully.

sweep1_crash.3dm (22.2 KB)

Thanks, reported as RH-45696.