Sweep won't close between first and second section

Hey there.
I guess it´s a simple one:
Somehow my sweep wont close between the first and the second section.
Any ideas what I am missing?

Cheers and thanks.

BA_Geometrie generieren.gh (24.6 KB)


The OpenCrv component you used seems to create a gap between the start and end points, so in fact the first section {0} is no longer on the curve ! Which is why the Sweep ignores it.
I don’t know why the closed curve is not accepted by the sweep, but I managed to build it piece by piece like this.

BA_Geometrie generieren.gh (24.9 KB)

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Whoop Whoop! Thanks a lot for the super fast answer =)

Sweep 1 works reasonably well using only one section curve.

BA_Geometrie generieren_2023Feb24a.gh (12.3 KB)

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Thank you for your answer, Joseph.
Yes, one section works, but the outcome of the sweep is different.
I need the sweep in the straight parts to be without any torsion and the profile of the bent parts should be oriented the same in all bents. Like in the upper screenshot.

It´s about wood-bending. I can only bent the timber partially.

Best wishes.