Sweep with size change along a path - Iam looking a way to recreate this

Hi Dear Community
Iam looking to recreate this in 3d
with spheres instead of cycles
the increase of size is very important

maybe also with the function to morph between shapes along a path

and when this is done is there a smart way to connect all the spheres to a shape without booling or cutting and joining them all together ?

Best regards
and thanks

That looks like something that Grasshopper could be used.

The answer to this part is no… If you need the originals separate, you can make a copy of all and then union all of the copied objects. You can also Group the result together, but that does not make them into one object.

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My attempt using grasshopper:

Created with this grasshoper definition:

I’m still a newbie with Rhino & Grasshopper.
Based on info found here:


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nice thanks a lot !!!

also thank you !

but where did you get that toolbar window from ? my rhino looks a very different

ok good to know

thank you