Sweep section plane alignment

Hello guys!

I need your help with planes alignment.

I’m trying to turn mesh into set of rectangle-shaped tubes.
I’ve got correct curves, but found no way to place section on the start of each curve and align it in a correct way.

All files are in the attachment.
Sweep_001.gh (21.8 KB)
Sweep_001.3dm (329.7 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Did you try the align plane component ?

Solved myself :slight_smile:

If somebody gets same situation, i found a solution in constructing a new plane using same X-vector and tangent as Z.

Hi BaptisteC,

Yes, I’ve tried but it produced a plenty of strange planes (like if one of streams was grafted).
But seems you didn’t get same result :slight_smile:
I’ll check what I did wrong.

Thank you!