Sweep Profile on Tween Curves just once


I have gernerated tweened curves and positioned a profile on each curve which I would like to sweep along each curve.

Now I need some help:

  • I have 2 sections on each cuves, but I need just one.
  • When I use sweep, I generates a big mess of surfaces, because each profile i beeing used on each tween curve to sweep.

As I introduced, I would like to sweep each profile on its own curve. How can I set up grasshopper to do so?

I guess that’s an easy one, but I just do not know and would like to learn.

Thanks in advance!

TweenSweepEach_001.gh (9.4 KB)

internalize your curves

Thanks you, but which curves? I tried out and internalized different components, but I always get multiple sweeps for each tweend curves

Can somebody help how to sweep each profile on its curves just once - I still dont get it :expressionless: Thanks!

If you don’t internalise your curves we can’t see what’s happening in your file.

Have a look at this:

Well the the picture above is what happens when I do this.
This problem might be as well: I do not know exaclty where to internalize the curves. There are multiple possiblities.

When I internalize the curves, the connection gets lost and the result is static.

Yes that is correct. It makes it a lot easier for us to help if we have access to your rhino geometry. You can always re reference to fix the connection.

Thanks for your answer - attached the gh and 3dm file.
TweenSweepEach_002.gh (69.8 KB)
CurvesToTweenAndSweep_001.3dm (211.9 KB)

When I change the Sweep1 command to extrude along - it basically works. Every single section is extruded on its local curve. Unfortunately the profil is no 90° to the curve all the time.

To get the sweep to work for each curve, you need to graft both inputs as below

TweenSweepEach_002-grafted.gh (70.5 KB)

Since the Sweep1 component will sweep a list of profiles along each curve, grafting will ensure only the first profile curve is swept alone the first rail curve, and the second along the second etc. the need to do this makes more sense when you consider this example:

TweenSweepEach_002-miltiProfile.gh (41.8 KB)


Thank you very much - very helpful!
The other, more complex example is also nice to learn from - cool.

One small problem occurs all the time - even when I load your files: The first profile on the first rail is often rotated by 90°. How can I solve this? Sometimes I think it is related to the shape of the curves itself. All curves are the same Z-Plane, just XY-Curvature.

I rebuilt the curve with the same degree and count - worked. Coincidence ?
… well yes, depending on how I rebuild it, the profile starts to rotate to 90° or 180°. But why…