Sweep not working

Hello all,

I want to sweep hexagonal profile on a voronoi surface, I have found the perpendicular frames but for some reason the sweep component is not working.

I am able to sweep them in rhino when I bake them but unable to sweep in grasshopper. It will be really helpful if anyone could guide me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

hexagonSweep.gh (48.7 KB)

Hey all,

Please any suggestions will be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, probably because it cannot resolve the intersections of the sweeps for each segment. I am not sure why it isn’t at least producing the untrimmed version, but you can use the ghpython component I have put in your script to see what I am talking about. I also put a pipe into your script and that works just fine, more so proving that it is the shape. You could also rebuild the segments and make them straight lines, which still doesn’t work the way you are hoping, but could be helpful if you want to custom build (by moving vertices of the polygon, or something similar to this) the shape you are looking for.

hexagonSweep-djedit.gh (49.1 KB)

Hi thanks for the reply, yeah it is not giving any output which is weird. Yeah I will try making it straight although it wont look as I had anticipated but somewhere in between. Thank you for helping, really appreciate it.

hexagonSweep_2021Apr15a.gh (52.1 KB)

P.S. Without scaling:

hexagonSweep_2021Apr15b.gh (46.7 KB)

P.P.S. Works better with Swp1 ‘M’ (Miter) input set to ‘None’. On version ‘a’ as well…

hexagonSweep_2021Apr15c.gh (46.3 KB)

Thanks a lot Joseph, so since it had non planar curves it was unable to sweep. Morphing seems like a better approach in these cases I am thinking.