Sweep many rails with profiles

Hello, I’m new at grasshoper and I may need some help. I’m trying to draw a roof with iron beams. I used the command sweep to make my structure by using a surface. The main beams ( the bigger ones) are fine but I don’t like the secondary beams. I would like to orient them perpendiculary to the main curve and not in the Z axis. I tried differents options but i never succed to do better than that. Do you think you can help me ? TOITURE.gh (11.1 KB) TOITURE.3dm (50.2 KB)


Use your normal directions of base surface.

TOITURE_re.gh (27.8 KB)

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Thank you so much for your help I understand now.

What is wrong in @gwestroob what you corrected could you please explain this @HS_Kim

the yellow beams where in z direction and now its changed to normal to surface or aligned to surface curve

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The yellow beams are normal to surface now.

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