Sweep 3 Rails

Sorry to talk again about Moi, but in Moi, Network is able to produce Polysurfaces.

Michael ( Gibson) , if you hear me, i’m actullay making good promotion for your tool ! :smile:

Jim, as you can see the result in MOI is correct. Rhino always has a problem … The test has made it Cyver and it seems to me right to praise Moi.

Guys, you can not say: networks do not work in this case, use lofts, or patch, etc. It seems a little correct attitude. A tool can not operate intermittently, a little yes, a little no.
Is a simple network of curves, and if I use the command networks this should work! Evidently the command was designed for some cases …
Michael Gibson docet.

These, as other limits drag from one version to another. If it is right for you, it goes on like this … and so it does not grow, nothing improves. You do not need to have the subD, the perfect render engine, etc. Rhino is a NURBS FREE FORM MODELER! (and should be the best).

@davide76 , i must say i’m agree with you , my point of view is Rhino should focus on modeling tools update , rather that try to be an " All in One" program.

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Do you realize that the changes and new features in Rhino 6 were probably decided several years ago? It might be more productive to start a list of desired changes and new features in Rhino 7.

Not sure about that, many features are develloped / corrected according recent users demand, evolution should be flexible.

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that exactly what we want :wink:

You want a polysurface built with two co-planar surfaces? You might be alone in wanting that.

I don’t know what you talking about , Moi do exactly what we ask, it’s a transition between polycurve and curve
What do you expect with this construction curves ?

Yes, Intersections are incomplete where the surfaces become coincident - not what I like best either, but that is how it is at the moment.


@pascal Is there any way of solving this without changing pipe shape or position? i can slice this pipes in every possible way but cant find solution. Would you recommend something for future what i should try first? I am asking not to point that this or that don’t work but for educational purpouse how to solve similar problems in future and to know what approach use in certain case.

Here my try.
i just ran intersect command, rebuild intersect curves properly, split, split , split, join, join , join and there we go.
as your shape is symmetrical (Z), i just worked on half, symmetry/join/cap at end, hope that help.

pipes01.3dm (772.0 KB)

@Cyver Thanks! That’s weird in my case intersection do nothing. I get no lines at all.

Just change your absolute tolerance to 0.001 ( options > units ) , actually you have 0.01

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You said that earlier i didn’t checked that out cause im in modeling rage :face_with_monocle:

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This thread is out of control. Let’s start the weekend everyone and forget this ‘rails off the rails’ thread ever happened. :see_no_evil:


And ? who said a thread should be under control ? you ?

discussion in this thread is all about rhino and modeling process, i don’t see any problems if discussion evolved.
it’s easy to just ignore it , if you don’t see any interest for you.

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