Sweep 1 v. Sweep 2

I needed to create a long T-Beam that follows a few straight segments. I created a profile for the beam and a path for it to follow

When I did Sweep 1 the beam came out in multiple, overlapping sections.

Problem Sweep 2.3dm (3.5 MB)

I copied the sweep path from the top to the bottom of the beam and did Sweep 2 and it appears to work.

I am curious why the difference? Is thre some setting that could be used with Sweep1 to make it behave like like had a second rail with the same shape?

Sweep1 with ‘Untrimmed Miters’ checked works better. Exactly why that is the case, someone else will need to give a good explanation.

I would say your Sweep2 solution is better - it will align the cross sections more neatly between the rails.