Sweep 1 Rail - Simple Sweep option removed in RH6?

(Erik Indekeu) #1


I used the Simple Sweep option in the Sweep1 command a lot in Rhino 5 and this seems to have disappeared in Rhino 6. The option makes a swept polysurface as solid as you would get when created by extrude combined with revolve. A radius on construction curves remains also a radius on the edges. My experience is that eventual fillets added in a later stage do not give any trouble. Without this option it sometime does.

I have looked at other posts referring to the Simple Sweep option but could not generate the same simple construction as I could in v5. The option does not appear at all, even when all is perfectly constructed. I copied the curved from v6 to v5 and there it worked out fine.

Best regards, Erik.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Erik - in V6, if a sweep can be simple, it just is, no questions asked. Can you post the curves?


(Erik Indekeu) #3

Thanks for you reply Pascal,

I have enclosed a RH5 file with a Sweep1 construction and Simple Sweep enabled. Copies the same curves to RH6 and made a Sweep1 also here. This file is attached as well. In the RH5 version the arc dimension gives exact the same at any place measured. This is not true for the RH6 version.
In RH6 the resulting sweep1 has much more isocurves too, meaning higher complexity.

Best regards, Erik.

Sweep 1 rail simple sweep RH5.3dm (113.8 KB)
Sweep 1 rail simple sweep RH6.3dm (495.7 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Erik - Thanks, I see - that does seem… unexpected, to me anyway. The radius varying by a tenth at a time seems very strange to me as well, the curvature graph looks cleaner than that. I’ll look into it.


(Erik Indekeu) #6

Hi Pascal,

Any news on the Sweep issue?

Best regards, Erik.

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Erik - nothing concrete I’m afraid - my distinct impression is that it is not an easy fix.

@erik.indekeu - this has now been fixed - the fix should appear in SR12.


(Brian Gillespie) #9

RH-49771 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate