Sweep 1 of more than a section

Hi everyone!

I have done the script to oriented and sweep the section of my slab along the rails i have previously selected and it works.

At this point i want to do the same with the section of the veils, they are two aside the slab, so I choose “select multi geometry” in Orient but then the sweep button became red and i don’t know where is the error.
Here a screen to clarify how is my section. Basically i want it along the rail that i have created, i can’t draw it with just a polyline bc this element will change a lot in the netx days and i’m using grasshopper to avoid to re draw everything everyday

So, at this point, i have tried to do the sweep of just the two veils but instead of do it along the rail it does the sweep perpendicular to it!

If i just put a single vail it works as i want but i would like to avoid a script for each veil bc i have already a lot of other scripts and they basically would do the same thing!

Here is my file
Sweep Problems.gh (15.1 KB)
Sweep.3dm (33.7 KB)

I hope someone will be able to help me bc i’m pretty desperate!!


Here are two ways of doing it.

Sweep Problems_re.gh (22.8 KB)

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Thank you so much Kim!
I’m going to try it immediatly