Sweep 1 - Multiple section curves in both ends of multiple rail curves

Dear all

My question is related to the Sweep 1 component. I want to know how to sweep multiple section curves in both ends of multiple rail curves. My issue is illustrated in the attached pictures. I have 4 rails curves and 5 section curves, where each of choose 5 section curves consists of 8 closed curves.

so i need to:
Sweep section curves 1&2 along rail curve 1
Sweep section curves 2&3 along rail curve 2
Sweep section curves 3&4 along rail curve 3
Sweep section curves 4&5 along rail curve 4

I hope that my problem can be solved by use of only one sweep component.

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Question 1.gh (12.4 KB)
Question 1.3dm (1.0 MB)

internalized GH file:
Question 1.gh (21.0 KB)

Flatten the sections list, shift the list by 1 and negative 1, weave the two lists together. Other than that see point #3

Hi Michael

Thanks for your answer. I have just tried your suggestion but unluckily. I have uploaded my files, maybe you can show me what you think?


Question 1.gh (12.4 KB)
Question 1.3dm (1.0 MB)

Sorry cannot open the file, don;t have R6 on this machine. You can just internalize your referenced GH curves and send only the Gh file.

Sorry, here is the internalized GH file

Question 1.gh (21.0 KB)

you cannot plug the datatree into it, plug in the curves instead

Hi Gijs

If i do it that way my Brep becomes one element instead of 4 elements as I have chosen :frowning:

Yes the issue is a list matching one as well. No time to look at the moment

You can do something like this with groups.

GroupSweep.gh (21.8 KB)