Sweep 1 Function

Hi all, i’m quite new to rhino and i only know how to do the basics on it. i am just wondering if there is a way to reduce the number of polygons produced so the export file is more manageable. thank you.

I’m confused.
Sweep1 makes a NURBS surface or polysurface using a rail curve and one or more profile curves. Your use of the term ‘polygons’ implies an export mesh object.
You have complete control over the mesh creation settings when you create a mesh either through the Mesh command or through a mesh export such as STL.

Can you please post an example and a far more detailed and complete description of the problem you’re trying to solve?


hi john, i’m trying to create this roof structure so that i can export it out to revit. i have changed the cross section shape from a circle to square. i did try to export it out as stl before but the file size mount up to be 2Gb.

so i’m lost to what i should do. this newer version of it still have issues exporting to dwg.

For some detailed info on meshing parameters for display and export, have a look here. I expect if your structure is complex, that an STL will be pretty big…

But if you’re trying to go to Revit, STL isn’t a good idea, I think SAT is the way to go. There is some info on how to go about it here