Sweep 1 around another surface


I’m trying to wrap a sweep around another object. If you see the image of the real object and my CAD model I think you will understand what I’m trying to do. Basically the music string needs to wrap around the bolt. If anyone has an idea how to do this in rhino please let me know. It’s just for an appearance model so it doesn’t have to be super accurate.

Maybe you can create part of the curve as helix curve, then join with the actual string. Finally use _Pipe to give the string thickness.

What kind of instrument is this? I’m culturally inclined to think it is a kantele, but probably not.

Here one way to do it:

Great Thanks, I’ll try that and let you know how it goes. It’s a lap harp btw :slight_smile:

The helix is fine, but I would use pull and curve piping:

  1. Offset the surface outward by radius of the wire/string. (Use OffsetSrf command.)
  2. Make the helix. (Use Helix command or Spiral command.)
  3. Pull the helix on the new surface. (Use Pull command.)
  4. Delete the new surface. (Or turn it off.)
  5. Join the pulled helix with the old curve. The new curve becomes the centerline of the wire.
  6. Use curve piping (render mesh modifier) so that the curve looks like wire. (Select the curve before selecting curve piping in the Properties panel.)

The curve piping is more convenient for wires and strings than the Pipe command.

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Got it, thanks!