Sweep 1 & 2


Just make sweep 1 or 2 just work. When viewing this issue—it seems like an old problem. The solution is in the programming—please fix. When you try to sweep a complex profile on a complex curve—it fails. The solution is to break down the complex profile into all of its separate curves—sweep each curve one at a time duplicating the leading edge—sweep the next. I shouldn’t have to do this manually. this should be done automatically. Life isn’t simple—proper programming should compensate. Just a suggestion. This needs to be fixed please.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

There is no “just make everything just work all the time”. There might be general cases for a function but there will always be special situations that were not envisioned when writing the code. The only way to make it work is by you starting with supplying specific examples of situations where something doesn’t work. Without that, things will never change.


Hello Grizzel
You know you can chain those curves right? So they behave as if they are a single edge.