Swapuv keep history

Have networksrf would like to dir swapuv and then be able to tweak later. Get the broke history when doing the swapuv…any way to have the UV’s on network srf be way I want and keep history on it other than this work flow…

NetworkSrf on selected curves
dir…swapuv on the resulting networksrf to get uv’s direction needed
be able to edit original curves to ‘tweak’ the network surface and it creates with the UV direction set above…

Unfortunately that doesn’t fit with the way history works.
It requires a parent object(s) active in the model to run a command on to get a resulting object, and its granular by command.
It would take a bit of effort to work around that if its even possible.

was kind of hoping that maybe a switch on network srf to swapuv so it would do it automatically and save that option when remaking the surface.

Ok. That would be possible.
How would you know at that stage if you wanted to swap or not? And if you decided after NetworkSrf finished, SwapUV would still break history.
Would it be better or more frustrating?

Well, just decided to try to work with applying texture mapping to the network surface and rotate the uv of the mapping ‘widget’ 180 so now I can ‘tweak’ and the layer material that has bitmap on it that had been reverting after history would remake the network srf keeps the correct ‘direction’…
Serves me right for assuming that texture mapping wouldn’t work with history…I’m sure it’s in help file somewhere…sorry for wasting time as this fixes exactly workflow problem was having…tweak curve, have to reset the uv’s to keep the ‘look’ correct for mapping with rest of objects on layer…